Pulpwood Queens Annual Book Festival

Me with Kathy Murphy

The Pulpwood Queens Annual Book Festival & Girlfriend weekend is a yearly gathering of authors and readers from book clubs around the world, hosted by the amazing Kathy L. Murphy.

In the 2017  Annual Book Festival Event, Authors dressed as Pat Conroy  and served dinner to all the Readers. Some of the proceeds went to supporting the Pat Conroy Literary Center in Beaufort, SC.


Tim Monzingo/The Daily Sentinel

Each Author is encouraged to dress in costume for the Big Hair Ball.  Mary Ann was among a group of renegade Authors who headlined the next morning in the local paper.

“Dressed as a surly band of miners, Pulpwood Queens members bellied up to the bar for candy cigarettes and wine during the Great Big Ball of Hair Ball at Austin Hall Saturday night. The event closed out a weekend-long celebration and convention of new and established authors.”


Awards for Ladies in Low Places

Mary Ann Henry was awarded the First Place Category for Women’s Fiction/Short Story Collections from Chanticleer Reviews for Ladies in Low Places. She attended the Chanticleer Reviews Annual Awards Gala April 30, 2016 in Bellingham, Washington to accept her blue ribbon. Chanticleer Reviews chooses from thousands of entries by authors all over the world to name its Best Books of the Year.

Writer in Residence

Mary Ann enjoyed the 2016 West Virginia Winter Writer’s Residency award at New River Gorge National Forest. The Writer’s Residency was a 10 minute walk from spectacular mountain scenery. Alone on a mountain top, there was no choice but to finish a manuscript, titled, The Spring House, looking forward to its publication.


Fun Photos